Differences between Hurom HU-100, HU-300 & HU-400

The functions of the different Hurom models HU-100WC, HU-300WC & HU-400 are the same. Currently, in Singapore there are 3 models (HU-100WC, HU-300WC, HU-400 & HU-500) and the differences are between the body, strainer & pin holder and now the juice cap.


HU-100 WC (red only) has a handle and 1 yellow & black (ultem) strainer

HU-300 WC (white only) does not have a handle and is slimmer and 1 yellow & black (ultem) strainer

HU-400 (Gray) same as HU-300 WC in terms of structure, no handle, no juice cap and holder-pin is '3 stub' guide instead of twisted locking hooks.


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